Microsoft PowerPoint 2019/2016 Part 1: Foundations – Evening Series

Planning Information

The duration of this course is 2 Evenings; Tues & Thurs.


This class is spread across two evenings. 

It's hard to imagine a day going by without people passing along large amounts of information. With so much communication to contend with, it can be difficult to grab people's attention. But, we are often called upon to do just that. So, how do you grab and maintain an audience's focus when you're asked to present important information? By being clear, organized, and engaging. And, that is exactly what Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2019 can help you do. 

Gone are the days of flip charts or drawing on a white board to illustrate your point. Today's audiences are tech savvy, accustomed to high-impact multimedia content, and stretched for time. By learning how to use the vast array of features and functionality contained within PowerPoint 2019, you will gain the ability to organize your content, enhance it with high-impact visuals, and deliver it with a punch. In this course, you will use PowerPoint 2019 to begin creating engaging, dynamic multimedia presentations.

Intended Audience

This course is designed for students who wish to gain a foundational understanding of PowerPoint 2019 that is necessary to create and develop engaging multimedia presentations.

At Completion

In this course, you will create and deliver an engaging PowerPoint presentation.


You will:


  • Identify the basic features and functions of PowerPoint.
  • Develop a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Perform advanced text editing operations.
  • Add graphical elements.
  • Format graphical elements.
  • Prepare to deliver your presentation.



To ensure your success in this course, you should have end-user skills with any current version of Windows®, including being able to start programs, switch between programs, locate saved files, close programs, and access websites using a web browser.

Exams & Certifications

This course covers Microsoft Office Specialist Program exam objectives to help you prepare for the PowerPoint Associate (Office 365 and Office 2019): Exam MO-300.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Getting Started with PowerPoint 2019

  • Navigate the PowerPoint Environment
  • View and Navigate a Presentation
  • Use PowerPoint Help

Lesson 2: Developing a PowerPoint Presentation

  •  Create and Save a Presentation
  •  Edit Text
  •  Work with Slides
  •  Design a Presentation

Lesson 3: Performing Advanced Text Editing Operations

  • Format Characters
  • Format Paragraphs

Lesson 4: Adding and Arranging Graphical Elements

  • Insert Images
  •  Insert Shapes
  •  Create SmartArt
  • Insert Icons and 3D Models
  • Arrange and Size Objects

Lesson 5: Modifying Graphical Elements

  • Format Images
  • Format Shapes
  • Customize SmartArt
  • Format Icons
  • Format 3D Models
  • Animate Objects

Lesson 6: Preparing to Deliver Your Presentation

  • Review Your Presentation
  • Apply Transitions
  • Print a Presentation
  • Deliver Your Presentation

This course is also available for private training. Please contact us at 610-321-3500 to learn more.
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