Agile Leadership Series: Agile + DevOps

Planning Information

The duration of this course is 1.5 hours.


This lunch-and-learn session, part of our Agile Leadership Series, introduces the concept of DevOps - practices aimed at delivering applications and services to customers at a high velocity.

These sessions, collectively known as our Agile Leadership Series, are intended to help C-Suite leaders support the adoption of an agile mindset and the ways of working that embody that mindset.

In November of 2019 Springhouse held its first annual Scrum Day Philadelphia event. The idea for this new series came directly from the scrum masters, product owners, and business leaders who attended.

Intended Audience

This series is intended for C-Suite executives, corporate presidents and vice presidents, and senior leaders who oversee Agile adoption, Scrum teams, and other areas impacted by these new ways of working.

At Completion

The Agile Leadership Series supports senior-level leaders in their efforts to help enterprise-wide Agile adoption and Scrum teams. The goal of this session - and the entire Agile Leadership Series - is to broaden understanding of Agile and its potential. Senior executives are in the unique position to lead Agile organizations. We want them all to be as well versed about what it means to "go Agile" as the employees who are tasked with meeting corporate goals.

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