Google Paid Search Marketing

Planning Information

The duration of this course is 1 Day. The list price is $450.00.


This class provides guidance on how to use Google Adwords to promote the services articulated in a company website.

Course Outline

Lessons will encompass:

  • What Is Google AdWords?
  • How Google AdWords Works
  • Pros and Cons of Google AdWords
  • Key Parts of a Google AdWords Listing
  • How to Sign Up and Set Up Payments
  • Adjusting Access Levels
  • Linking Accounts
  • Choosing Keywords
  • Keyword Matches
  • Setting Up Ad Groups
  • Types of Campaigns and Their Goals
  • Starting a Campaign
  • Getting Your Ad Groups Prepared
  • Creating Your Ads
  • How to Write the Best Ads
  • Requirements of Your AdWords Ad
  • Targeting Specific Geographic Spaces
  • Linking to Google Maps
  • Targeting Specific Demographics
  • Creating Audiences
  • Using the Keyword Planner
  • Reviewing Your Landing Pages
  • Ad Preview and Diagnosis
  • Establishing Ad Extensions
  • Automatic Ad Extensions
  • Preparing a Call-Only Ad (and Using Forwarding Numbers)
  • Bidding Options and How to Set Values
  • How Are the Order and Cost Determined?
  • The Quality Score and How to Improve It
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Policies for the Use of Keywords and Ad Content
  • Copyright or Trademark Authentication
  • Using the Search Network
  • Using the Display Network
  • Running a Display Campaign
  • Running a Shopping Campaign
  • Creating a Video Campaign
  • Universal App Campaign
  • The Express Platform
  • Creating Automated Rules
  • Content Exclusions
  • A/B Testing
  • Checking Analytics (and Linking Google Analytics)
  • Finding Special AdWords Deals
  • Cancelling AdWords

This course is also available for private training. Please contact us at 610-321-3500 to learn more.
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