Project Management Fundamentals

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The duration of this course is 1 Day. The list price is $495.00.


This course is a primer on the basics of Project Management. It will provide students with the big picture of how Project Management tools and techniques are used to establish a firm foundation for a project. The student will learn the standard components to a project including key terminology. The class will allow students to create the supporting project artifacts, and manage them through the project lifecycle to its completion. Students will also understand key components of a successful project team including effective communications, behaviors and some advanced project processes including Risk Management.

This PMI® approved PDU course equates to 6 PDUs.


There are no specific requirements for this class although experience with projects will be helpful.

Intended Audience

  • ​For students new to the project management industry looking for initial project management education
  • For project managers or equivalent roles within an organization chartered to manage projects
  • Project team members, or managers of project team members looking to understand project management best practices in a supportive role

At Completion

  • Differentiate between projects and non-projects
  • Understand the most-common project life cycles
  • Understand some of the responsibilities of a project manager
  • Learn the importance of a project charter and its components
  • Define goals and objectives to promote project success
  • Learn of the balance between various aspect of a project including the scope or work, scheduling, budgeting, quality, and other elements
  • Understand the concept of a balanced project and the strive to keep all project constraints in harmony for a successful project
  • Identify and respond to project risk
  • Learn techniques used in sequencing project activities to build a project schedule
  • Understand and read the network diagram, identifying the critical path and project activity dependencies
  • Learn techniques to keep the project on target, monitoring its progress, checking for deviation from schedules and budgets, and discussing ways to manage trade-offs
  • Learn elements of project closure including the updating of project files, informing stakeholders of the closure and performing lessons-learned reviews

Exams & Certifications

There is no specific exam or certification for this course. Project Fundamentals is an introductory course and one that builds the foundation in preparation for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® or Project Management Professional (PMP)® certifications. 


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