Professional Scrum Foundations

Planning Information

The duration of this course is 2 Days.


The Professional Scrum Foundations (PSF) course is an intensive 2-day instructor-led workshop for students who have an elementary understanding of the terms in agile but little or no experience. This is a directly hands on class with many examples and exercises. The objective of the class is to apply learnings directly into the workplace for a beginning agile team.

The course is created by and endorsed by, the international curator of the official Scrum agile process and is taught by a certified scrum professional trainer who has been rigorously assessed by Ken Schwaber (the inventor of Scrum) and the committee.

This practical classroom experience equips attendees to get started with Scrum, to sustain successful habits, and to avoid common Scrum pitfalls. Students learn the basics of Scrum and how to implement Scrum effectively and keep their team practicing healthy behaviors.

Intended Audience

​Applied learning intended for anyone working on or with a Scrum Team. The course is especially suited to companies or teams investigating Scrum, those who are currently struggling with Scrum, or those beginning to utilize Scrum in their development environment. This course is an applied practice of team level Scrum.

At Completion

  • ​Understand the scrum framework in detail
  • Minimize project uncertainty and risk by applying Agile principles 
  • Practice Scrum techniques through actual application in the classroom
  • Learn how to apply Agile by measuring and evaluating status based on the undeniable truth of working, testing software, creating a more accurate visibility into the actual progress of projects. 
  • Know the advantages and importance of a self organizing, cross functional, high performance teams.


​This course is suitable for both novice and experienced professionals who need to manage and implement a project. It is recommended that participants have a basic understanding of project management and business processes and business analysis.

Materials standardized materials.

Exams & Certifications

As part of this class, students are offered a free attempt of the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) assessment administered by At the conclusion of class, attendees will receive a certificate for one attempt of the Professional Scrum Master I online assessment. The assessment consists of 80 multiple choice questions. A score of 85% results in the PSM I certification. Upon successful completion of the PSM I assessment, students are also eligible to attempt the PSM level 2 certification test for a $200 discount.

Course Outline

Professional Scrum Foundations is a rigorous two-day course offered to solidify the core principles of Scrum for individuals or teams. Common missteps in the adoption of Scrum have been seen over and over again across industries, companies, and teams. Rather than coaching teams back from a poorly functioning Scrum implementation, this course exposes these common missteps, increases the awareness of the associated symptoms, and provides prescriptive guidance to avoid going off track.

Section 1: Scrum Fundamentals 

  • Process control models
  • Comparing emprical and predictive approaches

Section 2: The Scrum Framework 

  • Scrum activities
  • Scrum roles
  • Scrum artifacts
  • Definition of done
  • Montiroing team progress
  • Estimating with points
  • Scrum misunderstandings

Section 3: Mastering Scrum / Planning with Scrum

  • Self organization
  • Impediments
  • Scrum master and product owner effectiveness
  • The planning onion

Section 4: Getting ready and executing Scrum 

  • Understanding change 
  • Values in agile and Scrum
  • Making and maintaining the backlog
  • Monitoring progress 
  • Patterns and anti patterns
  • Staying the course

Section 5: Additional Information and Questions 

This course is also available for private training. Please contact us at 610-321-3500 to learn more.
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