Effective Business Communications

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The duration of this course is 1 Day.


This hands-on full-day workshop is the perfect course for those who want to become more effective interacting with other individuals and teams, whether in person or via email, teleconference, or other medium. Participants explore key elements of effective communication including how to (1) convey the intended message clearly and concisely; (2) build credibility and trust with an authentic, collegial, engaging communication style; and (3) do so using ever-evolving technology. Strategies and techniques are presented within the context of real-world work situations.

Intended Audience

This workshop is for professionals at all levels who want to enhance their interpersonal and team communication effectiveness.

At Completion

Participants will have models and strategies to effectively receive and share information; answer inquiries with the appropriate level of detail; and handle difficult communication situations such as refusing a request, responding to a complaint, or rolling out a new program. With enhanced skills in audience-focused and solution-oriented communication, they will be able to increase among individuals and across teams the collaboration that produces results.



Exams & Certifications



The 12 "C" Words You Need to Adopt for Success.

Course Outline

  • Words you need to adopt for success with interactive exercises
  • What every communication must start with
  • The importance of active listening for effective communication
  • Building relationships and utilizing emotional intelligence concepts
  • Establishing trust and credibility with your communication style
  • Electing the right tool to deliver your message
  • Reaching the right people with your message
  • Developing accountability for maintaining proactive communications
  • Identifying your learning style and the learning style of your listeners

This course is also available for private training. Please contact us at 610-321-3500 to learn more.
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