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<h1>​Understanding Agile</h1><p>Organizations need to be able to deliver new or enhanced products and systems as dictated by customers, competition, and business pressures. Agile is a management ideology for reaching identified business goals, often within the field of product development.</p><p>The Agile framework reduces re-work by balancing flexibility with control to establish a more effective product for your customers. </p><p>Intended for corporate decision-makers, this half-day intro session explores the Agile mindset and the leader’s role in developing an Agile organization. This CIE, led by Springhouse’s subject-matter expert and international Scrum Master, Dr. Chuck Suscheck, will provide an end-to-end overview of concepts, values, principles, and practices.</p><table width="100%" class="schedule"><tbody><tr style="background-color:#eff2ff;"><td class="info">8/22/2018</td><td class="info"> </td><td class="info">1 day</td><td class="info">Exton</td><td class="info">9:00 AM - 12:00 PM</td><td class="info"> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">$149</span> $0</td><td class="info" style="height:30px;background-color:#eff2ff;"> <div style="width:90px;height:24px;margin-top:5px;background-color:#3060aa;"> <a href="" style="padding-top:5px;"> <span style="text-decoration:none;"> <font color="#ffffff" style="background-color:#3060aa;">Register</font></span></a></div></td></tr></tbody></table><h2> </h2><h2>What is a CIE?</h2><p>Springhouse’s Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) is a free, hands-on opportunity for business leaders and decision-makers to test-drive technology and inspire corporate efficiency. This unique session, led by our subject-matter expert, allows attendees to explore the showcased solution either at Springhouse headquarters in Exton or at the Microsoft Technology Center in Malvern. Our CIE puts you on the path to improve effectiveness by role playing in a true-to-life solution “playground.” Afterward, Springhouse specialists can assist with integration, implementation, and workforce training.</p>

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