<h1>Sorry we missed you - ask us for a private introduction to QuickHelp</h1> <span class="ms-rteFontSize-2"> <p>Springhouse now offers on-demand desktop training through its service partner BrainStorm. BrainStorm QuickHelp™ is a solution for businesses using the Microsoft Office platform. It is a video-based training option that helps end-users adopt Microsoft business productivity technology faster, work better together, and ultimately change the way they work. It can help ease Office 365 de­ployment, reduce help-desk call volume, create a culture of learning, and drive productivity. Click here to learn more about <a href="http://www.springhouse.com/elearning">QuickHelp™</a></p> <p><span style="font-weight:bold;">Introductory Offer</span></p> <p> <span style="font-weight:bold;"></span>Pilot this subscription-based learning service with a free 45-day trial. Contact a Springhouse Solutions Specialist to learn how to get started at <span class="baec5a81-e4d6-4674-97f3-e9220f0136c1" style="white-space:nowrap;">610-321-3500 </span>or <a href="mailto:info@springhouse.com.">info@springhouse.com.</a></p> <p> <span style="font-weight:bold;">What is a CIE?</span><br>A Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) hosted by Springhouse is a free, hands-on opportunity for business leaders and decision-makers to test-drive new technologies. It is a unique, risk-free opportunity to explore featured applications. Attending a CIE will put you on the path to improving corporate efficiency and effectiveness by role-playing in a true-to-life solution “playground.” A Springhouse subject-matter expert will lead the session and guide you to understanding how the right solutions can maximize your busi­ness. Unlike traditional product presentations, our CIE will put you in the driver’s seat for a rich, interactive experience intended to inspire creative ways to do business.</p></span>



BrainStorm QuickHelp™ Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) http://springhouse.com/quickhelp-cie/quickhelp-cieBrainStorm QuickHelp™ Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) <p>​<span style="color:#2f5496;line-height:107%;font-family:"calibri",sans-serif;font-size:11pt;">Please join us for a free demonstration of our new service for e-learning. QuickHelp</span><span style="color:#2f5496;line-height:107%;font-family:"calibri",sans-serif;font-size:11pt;">™</span><span style="color:#2f5496;line-height:107%;font-family:"calibri",sans-serif;font-size:11pt;"> desktop training on-demand videos supplement classroom education. <a href="http://www.springhouse.com/registration?EventId=b0034a1c-4f49-e811-87a2-00155d0a1406">RSVP Today.</a></span></p>

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