<h1>Sorry we missed you</h1><p>To inquire about our next Customer Immersion Experience, please contact <a href="mailto:info@springhouse.com">info@springhouse.com</a> </p> <span class="ms-rteFontSize-2;"> <div style="font-weight:bold;">What can you expect at the CIE?</div> <p>The Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) is a free, hands-on opportunity for business leaders and decision-makers to test drive Microsoft technologies. This is a unique, risk-free opportunity to explore various Microsoft applications at the Microsoft Training Center in Malvern. The CIE will put you on the path to improve corporate effi ciency and eff ectiveness by role playing in a true-to-life solutions “playground.” A Springhouse subject-matter expert will help you to discover the right solutions for your business by maximizing the full potential of Offi ce 365. Unlike traditional agenda-driven product presentations and sales-pitch demos, this free-form CIE will put you in the driver’s seat for a rich, interactive experience.</p> <div style="font-weight:bold;">Test drive more Office 365 Solutions</div> <p>At Springhouse, our technology consultants and trainers often encounter clients that have migrated to Microsoft Offi ce 365 but are now asking, “What can I do with it?” or more importantly, “What can it do for me?”</p> <p>To help answer these questions, Springhouse welcomes you to join us at the Microsoft Training Center in Malvern for a comprehensive product test drive at our next Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE). At this event, you can completely immerse yourself in the Office 365 experience by exploring all the bells and whistles of this cloud-based productivity service. Beyond the Microsoft Offi ce suite, we are off ering you hands-on experience with apps like OneDrive for Business, Planner, SharePoint Online and more.</p> <p>This no-obligation event will give you the opportunity and the time...</p> <ul><li>to try various Office 365 solutions</li><li>to ask all the questions you didn’t know you had</li><li>to better understand which products can help you address your business challenges and goals </li></ul></span>



Office 365 Now Whathttp://springhouse.com/office-365-now-what/office-365-now-whatOffice 365 Now What<p>​If interested in experiencing a CIE, please contact <a href="mailto:info@springhouse.com">info@springhouse.com</a></p>

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