<h1>​Office 365 Licensing through Springhouse</h1><p>Competitively priced Office 365 licensing is at the heart of a Springhouse tailored Office 365 support package that is our unique Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. Our offer extends Office 365 licensing and our highly-valued Office 365 training and Office 365 support services as an affordable monthly operational service.</p><h2>Office 365 Fundamentals</h2><p>The following deliverables are at the core of all our offerings. Alone, known as our CSP Cirrus package, it is ideal for the self-sufficient IT Pro transitioning the business to Office 365 and includes:</p><ul><li>Office 365 licensing set below MSP</li><li><a href="/office-365-setup" target="_blank">Office 365 setup</a></li><li><a href="/office-365-support" target="_blank">Office 365 support</a>, locally sourced technical and help desk support from our Exton, Pennsylvania office</li><li>Coming Soon! – Springhouse Virtual Cloud Community Membership</li></ul><p> </p><h2>Office 365 Training</h2><p>Organizations are able to secure a year-long discount on open enrollment training with our CSP Stratus bundle. <a href="/office-365-training" target="_blank">Office 365 Training</a> encourages the use of newly implemented Microsoft software and Office 365 services. Learning how to interact with the Office 365 hosted data through the use of Microsoft Office applications and Microsoft Office 365 services ensures your company benefits fully from its Office 365 licensing.</p><h2>Office 365 Migration</h2><p>This bundle accelerates the use of your Office 365 licensing with the inclusion of one or more of the following services:</p><ul><li>Active Directory Synchronization</li><li>Exchange Migration</li><li><a href="/sharepoint-migration" target="_blank">SharePoint Migration</a></li><li><a href="/project-online-setup">Project Online Setup</a></li><li>CRM RapidStart Deployment</li></ul>



Office 365 LicensingOffice 365 Licensing<p>​<a href="/office-365-cie">Experience all that Office 365 has to offer with our no cost Office 365 lab</a></p><p> <br> <a href="/contact-us">Contact us</a> to secure your discount on Office 365 licensing</p>

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