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There’s a Solution – a Complete Solution – with Springhouse


When organizations need training, many turn directly to Springhouse, and we are proud of that.

When the company opened its doors in 1989 under the direction of a mother-daughter team, there was great focus on sustaining the founders’ mission – to continually build upon the company’s reputation as a premier educational resource while maintaining a strong dedication to excellence in delivery.  Springhouse’s recognition by the business community as a go-to provider of technical and professional training is a testament to the company’s successful and continued efforts.  

What many organizations are not aware of is that Springhouse provides a complete offering of technical and professional consulting and staffing services outside the classroom and has for many years.

When organizations face a multi-faceted project, Springhouse can serve as a complete solution. 

When organizations prepare to modify some aspect of their business critical infrastructure, systems, or processes, training only addresses one aspect of the overall effort required for a successful project.

Why bring in multiple vendors if you do not have to?  Partnering with a single vendor – Springhouse - adds an advantageous element of cohesion. 

Springhouse’s comprehensive offering of services makes it possible for organizations to have a consistent team supporting them from project conception through completion and beyond.  Knowledge seamlessly transfers from one phase to the next, streamlining the overall project progression and potentially decreasing the scope of management.

Project Management - Project Management is an art.  Springhouse Project Managers are highly skilled at orchestrating tasks within specific parameters, solving problems intelligently and in a timely fashion while keeping projects on time and within budget.  We strive to be an extension of your team.

Requirements Gathering - The objective of every project is to meet one or more business requirements.  Springhouse excels at identifying and articulating the situations, objectives, requirements, and constraints that must be considered when formulating project and solution strategies.

Process Re-engineering - Springhouse Business Analysts partnered with our technical experts rethink and redesign business processes in an effort to advance performance, improve quality, and reduce cost.

Solution Design - Based on the vision that results from Requirements Gathering efforts, Springhouse Project Leads, Technical Leads, and Consultants formulate and articulate solution design specifications that serve as the blueprint for development efforts.

Solution Development and Deployment - Springhouse has the technical expertise to develop and deploy solutions on a number of platforms using industry standard frameworks and technologies, specializing in Microsoft application development platform.

Professional and Technical Training - Springhouse provides education that speaks to process and procedure standards and best practices as well as the tools that support and enhance the practice of those methodologies and lead to successful endeavors.

Curriculum Development and Design - There is great value in merging corporate policy, procedure, and culture directly into the delivery of a company’s training.  Springhouse Instructional Designers artfully craft the content and delivery of poignant curriculum that make training relevant to the participants’ roles and responsibilities within the organization using the provided systems and processes.

Change Management - Individuals naturally resist change.  To gain a return on the efforts and dollars invested into a project, Springhouse offers specialized services aimed at encouraging and easing adoption through the coordination and provision of communications and training.

Looking how to address the various aspects of your next project?  With Springhouse, there’s a solution.  We invite you to Contact Us today.




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