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The Modern Day Meeting

Many organizations have their workforce distributed across buildings, campuses, cities, states, and/or countries.

There are also many that no longer "go to work." They work from wherever they may be.

Then add to the mix the customers, vendors, and partners that individuals rely upon external to their organization.
When meetings need to involve multiple persons from this dispersed pool of resources, there is a high probability that the locale of at least one individual needs to be consider.

Thankfully, voice conferencing and video conferencing makes it easier to accommodate those that are not in close proximity to the physical location of a meeting. With these technologies organizations also have the opportunity to minimize travel expenses and miles (and perhaps even an organization's carbon footprint). Plus the wrath of Mother Nature can now have less of an impact if she disrupts the ability to travel. But these technologies have their downsides.
Voice and video conferencing (depending on the sophistication of your video conferencing) allow for the danger of distraction. Your audience may end up multi-tasking and elect to read through email, scroll through Twitter, do a little online shopping, and even attempt to get in a workout. To successfully speak to and command your audience when using these means of communication, you must strive to engage and earn attentiveness.

Means of acquiring such audience engagement include:

  • The use of two way video
  • Screen sharing
  • Presentation delegation
  • Collaborative white boarding and annotation
  • Polling
  • Translation services (in the case of a multilingual audience)

There are many conferencing solutions but if your organization already embraces the Microsoft technologies, Skype for Business is the communication platform that will integrate directly with your productivity toolset and provide the features noted above.

Have devices that span multiple platforms? Skype for Business is still the right choice with its cross-platform support through the Skype for Business apps available on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, in browsers, and on compatible IP Phones.

In the event your Skype for Business meeting invitees do not have Skype for Business or access to the internet, they can still join sessions using a landline or mobile phone - and perhaps still catch up on their Facebook news feed.

To see how you might gain active participation in your next virtual meeting, we invite you to register for our upcoming Modern Meeting Event here: Event Registration



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