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SharePoint Governance

When your organization has invested both time and money into its SharePoint solution, every effort should be made to ensure you get the best return on the investment made.  One such effort is the formulation of a Governance Plan.

A Governance Plan is a set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes targeted at achieving the collective goal of all involved parties.  The plan serves as a guideline aimed at keeping the solution secure, compliant, and relevant.

There are numerous components of a Governance plan, such as:

  • The purpose of the SharePoint implementation
  • The general structure of the technical environment and application
  • How the solution will be managed
  • How decisions around enhancements and capabilities will be made
  • How the solution will be supported
  • How its adoption will be promoted  

Working through the aspects of a Governance Plan can be a daunting task and that is why Springhouse offers its Governance Workshops.  The objective of the Springhouse Governance Workshop is to formulate the initial draft of your corporate SharePoint Governance Plan.  Having a plan helps ensure the SharePoint solution will deliver worthwhile content to users in an effective way and empowers users who are not IT or content experts maximize the value of the SharePoint solution and make intelligent decisions.  In order to draft the plan, there must be established processes and policies and Springhouse guides your organization through initiating these discussions and decisions.

However, these discussions and decisions should not take place until your organization has formulated a Governance Committee.  That is why the first session of a Springhouse Governance Workshop focuses on the formulation of your Committee. The purpose of a Governance Committee is to ensure the organization's goals are supported and that the Governance Plan is kept up-to-date as the organization's needs change and the SharePoint solution expands.  Your Governance Committee should represent the various disciplines across the organization and have a specific role within the Committee and thought about the election or selection process is required.  Your Governance Committee will be responsible for formulating processes and participating in regularly scheduled Governance Plan Reviews and Revisions; committee commitments require articulation.

Subsequent sessions guide organizations through the exercises such as crafting of a solution specific Vision Statement and the associated guiding principles.  Then there are more formal discussions about policies and standards that span various aspects of your SharePoint solution such as Branding, Content, Security, and Customizations.  There is also time spent on the service level agreement to your users and the definition of escalation procedures.

While a Governance Plan can impact the success of your SharePoint solution, its existence alone is not sufficient.  An organization must address usage and adoption goals.  All level of users must comprehend the Governance Plan, recognize the Governance Plan, and execute the Governance Plan.  The final sessions of a Springhouse Governance Workshop focus on the articulation of a communications plan, change management, and site level user training.  When a company does not have the bandwidth to implement such plans, aspects of management, and training, Springhouse can deliver whatever the decided upon needs may be.

Governance Planning is a crucial phase during the implementation of your SharePoint Solution and should not be overlooked.   To ensure you consider every applicable aspect of your solution, we invite you to partner with Springhouse as you prepare to solidify the investment your organization has made.



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