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Leveraging the Power of the Cloud - Power BI

Welcome to the second installment of our on-going series Leveraging the Power of the Cloud.  In today's competitive business landscape where every advantage helps, the cloud is providing an unprecedented level of technology democratization.  The cloud is extended access to cutting edge technology, leveling the playing field for smaller organizations and making it possible to compete with much larger contenders.  Over the course of this series we will highlight a variety of ways the cloud can enable your company to achieve more.


It can often take a small technical village and an expensive business intelligence application to surface and format data from your business critical systems so that informed conversations and decisions can take place.

That no longer has to be the case.

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud based Business Analytics Service with which you can: 

  • Easily connect to data that is on premise, in the cloud, or sourced from popular service providers such as Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Salesforce
  • Build your reports and dashboards using drag and drop functionality
  • Analyze by searching and querying with natural language
  • Access any way from anywhere and share

The speed at which you can build views of data and evaluate the results is sure to accelerate and improve your decision making and help your organization optimize business processes and operational efficiency.

The Power BI Service is an independent service that does not rely on SharePoint Online (as was the case in the past).  There are two various of the service, the free Power BI, and the attractively priced Power BI Pro.  To learn more about how these services differ, visit

Check out our short video on Power BI below.  To experience Power BI for yourself, ask Springhouse for a free and private, hands-on immersion experience.





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Leveraging the Power of the Cloud - Power BIContact us to learn more about leveraging Power BI for your companyPower BI leverages big data and analytics to gain competitive advantage

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