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Doesn't Every Dollar Count?

​When every dollar counts, no matter what size your business, why hesitate to have the Office 365 conversation?

Nephophobia - the fear of clouds

Office 365 equates to the cloud and there are organizations that still fear going to the cloud. They express concerns about truly owning their data, the security of their data, and the physical location of their data.

These are all concerns that warrant discussion and the Solutions Specialists at Springhouse are prepared to have those conversations with you.  But did you know there are Office 365 benefits you can take advantage of without moving your data to the cloud that would benefit both the productivity and financials of your organization?

Office 365 ProPlus

Those that want to further educate themselves on what exactly the cloud is can still reap the benefits of one of the Office 365 services, Office 365 ProPlus. Office 365 ProPlus gets your employees the Office tools they depend on (Office 2016) on up to five workstations (PC or MAC) and up to five mobile devices. Microsoft advertises the price as $12 per user per month with an annual commitment. (

Here is some very simple math. If you wanted to get a single employee Office on their work PC, that might cost in the realm of $400 ( With Office 365 that same $400 would get that single employee Office on their work PC and up to four more workstations (home, office, wherever) and up to five mobile devices for over 33 months - just shy of three years.

And in 33 months, where might Office be? With Office 365 ProPlus, you always have the latest versions of the software. Have you ever delayed upgrading because you did not want to incur the expense?

Can you weather the storm?

So now, with Office 365 ProPlus,  your workforce has access to the business productivity tools where ever they may be. You are not required to host your data in the cloud as an Office 365 ProPlus subscriber and these applications run locally and do not require the Internet to function.  These applications will save to all locations - your servers and to user local drives. 

But, if the power went out in your office, could your staff continue with business as usual (assuming they had power)?   Would they have all of their critical files locally with office servers down? And what about that scenario - business critical documents stored locally on employee devices? Is that a good scenario if data security is one of your top priorities?

The list goes on

When you have your data in the cloud, so long as you have Internet access, your business can be up and running regardless of what is going on in your physical location and that could prevent your organization from losing significant dollars. This is just one of the benefits associated with going to the cloud and we invite you to reach out to us in order to arrange a more in-depth, exploratory conversation.



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Doesn't Every Dollar Count?Make every dollar count with Office 365When every dollar counts, no matter what size your business, why hesitate to have the Office 365 conversation?

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