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Clutter For Office 365

Coming to your Inbox this June!

Microsoft Office 365 Clutter 

Incoming email can typically be classified as spam, junk, or everything else.  

Within that large volume of "everything else" there are items that demand timely attention and those that are of a lower priority.  Those lower priority emails tend to linger, and accumulate, and become strewn across an ever lengthening list of unread messages.  

Would it not be great if you could easily – virtually automatically without the creation of rules, custom categories, and folders – de-clutter your inbox, separating the low priority emails from those that demand a more immediate focus as they arrive?

Would you be surprised to learn that if you are an Office 365 subscriber, that functionality has been in place since the fall of 2014?  The feature is Microsoft's Clutter and beginning in June, it will be enabled by default for Office 365 subscribers, June 1st for those tenants in the First Release program and June 15th for standard release tenants.  (If you have never enabled Clutter, Clutter will become enabled.  If you ever disabled Clutter, it will remain disabled.)

 Microsoft Office 365 Clutter

While Office 365 Administrators can enhance how Clutter interacts with the organization as a whole, controlling elements such as notification branding and reply-to email addresses along with Clutter by-pass parameters and retention policies, the Clutter experience is unique to each individual.  Clutter learns from your actions what messages you are likely to ignore based on what gets clicked on, what gets ignored, who receives a prompt reply, and more.  Then, as less important messages arrive, they are automatically moved to your Clutter folder.  Daily alerts and weekly summaries detail how Clutter is working for you.

MIcrosoft Office 365 Clutter 

To find out how to get started with Clutter and how it all works, contact your Springhouse Senior Solutions Specialist or subscribe to the Springhouse Newsletter and keep an eye out for our upcoming Springhouse webinars and Tips and Tricks.

If you are not an Office 365 Subscriber – why not give it a try.  Visit to establish your free Office 365 Trial.



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