20745 Implementing a Software-Defined Datacenter2074520745 Implementing a Software-Defined Datacenter<p>​This five-day course explains how to implement and manage virtualization infrastructure in a software-defined datacenter by using System Center 2016 Virtual Machine Manager. The course also describes how to monitor the infrastructure by using System Center Operations Manager and protect it by using Data Protection Manager.</p>http://springhouse.com/course-catalog/207452/15/2018 4:21:09 PM0627aspxhttp://websource.springhouse.com/Lists/CRM Product List/AllItems.aspxFalse99df1afe-3cbf-e711-8b1b-00155d0a1406
10748 Deploying System Center 2012 Configuration Manager1074810748 Deploying System Center 2012 Configuration Manager<p>This course may be funded with Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs).</p><p>This course describes how to plan and deploy a Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager hierarchy, including the central administration site, one or more primary sites and secondary sites, and all associated site systems. This course also covers migration from System Center Configuration Manager 2007.</p>http://springhouse.com/course-catalog/107482/15/2018 4:22:52 PM0772aspxhttp://websource.springhouse.com/Lists/CRM Product List/AllItems.aspxFalsea6c52aae-f1d7-e111-913e-00155d00bf00http://mocondemand.springhouse.com/#!/10748-On-Demand-Planning-and-Deploying-System-Center-2012-Configuration-Manager/p/65539666
20247 Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud2024720247 Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud<p>​This course equips students with the skills they require to configure and deploy a cloud using Microsoft System Center 2012 R2. Using hands-on labs, students learn the following: </p><ul><li>Produce a high-level design that accounts for requirements for cloud environments. </li><li>Configure and deploy the cloud fabric. </li><li>Configure a PXE server, an update server, and a software update baseline.</li><li>Configure Microsoft Server Application Virtualization (App-V) so that it can be used to sequence and deploy an application virtually. </li><li>Build the core components necessary for delivering services on the fabric. </li><li>Allocate resources to a cloud and grant access to a cloud. </li><li>Understand how to monitor clouds using Operations Manager. </li><li>Understand the tools necessary to extend and customize Operations Manager for cloud environments. </li><li>Set up, configure, and integrate the core components of Service Manager into a cloud fabric. </li><li>Configure a service catalog, and then publish it to the Self-Service Portal. </li><li>Gain the knowledge necessary to deploy and configure Data Protection Manager in a cloud. </li><li>Deploy and configure Orchestrator in a cloud, and then integrate it with other System Center components.</li></ul>http://springhouse.com/course-catalog/202472/15/2018 4:22:34 PM041aspxhttp://websource.springhouse.com/Lists/CRM Product List/AllItems.aspxFalsed5e3dc1f-b121-e611-a1ec-00155d0a1406
55009 System Center 2012 Service Manager5500955009 System Center 2012 Service Manager<p>This course may be funded with Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs).</p><p>​This five-day course teaches students how to design, deploy and maintain Service Manager 2012 within their organizations. Students are introduced to the various System Center 2012 products and will learn how Service Manager 2012 is designed and deployed within the System Center suite. In addition, students will learn how to customize the end user experience and automate service request responses, as well as learn best practices for using Service Manager 2012. This course incorporates hands-on learning opportunities so students can practice applying business solutions to real-world scenarios. After completion, students will have the skills necessary to manage Service Manager 2012 for maximum business benefit. </p>http://springhouse.com/course-catalog/550092/15/2018 4:21:06 PM03049aspx3http://websource.springhouse.com/Lists/CRM Product List/AllItems.aspxFalsedd2be253-ffdd-e411-abf8-00155d0a1406
10996 Hybrid Cloud and Datacenter Monitoring with Operations Management Suite (OMS)1099610996 Hybrid Cloud and Datacenter Monitoring with Operations Management Suite (OMS)<p>This five-day course will provide students with the key knowledge required to deploy and configure Operations Management Suite. Using hands-on labs, students will learn the following:</p><ul><li>An overview of System Center 2016.</li><li>How to upgrade to System Center 2016 from System Center 2012 R2.</li><li>Integrate System Center 2016 with Operations Management Suite.</li><li>An overview of Operations Management Suite.</li><li>Base configuration and operations of Operations Management Suite.</li><li>How to operate Operations Management Suite.</li><li>Configuring Operations Management Suite Automation and Control.</li><li>Operating Operations Management Suite Automation and Control.</li><li>Configuring Operations Management Suite Insight and Analytics.</li><li>Operating Operations Management Suite Insight and Analytics.</li><li>Configuring Operations Management Suite Protection and Recovery.</li><li>Operating Operations Management Suite Protection and Recovery.</li><li>Configuring Operations Management Suite Security and Compliance.</li><li>Operating Operations Management Suite Security and Compliance.</li></ul>http://springhouse.com/course-catalog/109962/15/2018 4:22:34 PM0590aspxhttp://websource.springhouse.com/Lists/CRM Product List/AllItems.aspxFalsea4a074c5-69df-e711-8b1b-00155d0a1406
20703-1 Administering System Center Configuration Manager20703-120703-1 Administering System Center Configuration Manager<p>​This five-day course describes how to use Configuration Manager and its associated site systems to efficiently manage network resources. In this five-day course, you will learn day-to-day management tasks, including how to manage applications, client health, hardware and software inventory, operating system deployment, and software updates by using Configuration Manager. You also will learn how to optimize System Center Endpoint Protection, manage compliance, and create management queries and reports. Additionally, this course, in conjunction with Microsoft Official Course 20703-2A, helps certification candidates prepare for Exam <span style="font-style:italic;">70-703</span>: <span style="font-style:italic;">Administering System Center Configuration Manager and Cloud Services Integration.</span></p>http://springhouse.com/course-catalog/20703-12/15/2018 4:21:46 PM02323aspxhttp://websource.springhouse.com/Lists/CRM Product List/AllItems.aspxFalsed793c4e2-04c3-e711-8b1b-00155d0a1406
20703-2 Integrating MDM and Cloud Services with System Center Configuration Manager20703-220703-2 Integrating MDM and Cloud Services with System Center Configuration Manager<p>​This is a three-day Instructor Led Training (ILT) course that describes mobile device management (MDM) technologies and the integration of various online cloud services with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. This course focuses on both hybrid MDM using Microsoft Intune, and the on-premises MDM scenario. This course also covers integration with online services such as Microsoft Store for Business, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Azure.</p>http://springhouse.com/course-catalog/20703-22/15/2018 4:21:46 PM02324aspxhttp://websource.springhouse.com/Lists/CRM Product List/AllItems.aspxFalseabaf1bf7-04c3-e711-8b1b-00155d0a1406

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