Microsoft Word 2013 - Level 1MS_WORD2013L1Microsoft Word 2013 - Level 1<p>In Word 2013 Level 1 students will learn all the basics of creating, editing and formatting documents in this powerful word processing software.  Topics covered include editing and formatting text, creating and inserting tables, inserting headers and footers, adding graphics and clip art, and proofing, printing and exporting documents.</p> 2:51:16 PM0792aspx Product List/AllItems.aspxFalse09146f42-0b2d-e211-85fe-00155d00bf00
Microsoft Word 2013 - Level 2MS_WORD2013L2Microsoft Word 2013 - Level 2<p>In Word 2013 Level 2 students will further build on the skills acquired in the Microsoft Word basic course. Students will learn to use styles and outlines, and how to format tables. Then they will insert SmartArt diagrams, work with shapes, and format text graphically. They will also learn how to format a document by adding sections, columns, and design elements such as watermarks and themes. In addition, they will use Track Changes and prepare documents for sharing and exporting. Finally, students will learn how to work with fields and perform a mail merge. </p> 2:51:16 PM0793aspx Product List/AllItems.aspxFalsecbf66660-0b2d-e211-85fe-00155d00bf00
Microsoft Word 2013 - Level 3MS_WORD2013L3Microsoft Word 2013 - Level 3<p>You will have the advanced skills and concepts students need to use Microsoft Word 2013 productively and efficiently. Students will learn to add interactive elements such as forms and content from other applications, and to save a file as a web page. Then they will learn how to use document references such as citations, indexes, and tables of contents. Next, they will learn to work more efficiently in Word by customizing the ribbon, creating macros, using building blocks, and inserting subdocuments. In addition, students will learn to record and copy macros, to create and modify VBA modules, and to control Word objects in the Visual Basic Environment. Finally, students will learn the fundamentals of VBA programming through creating control structures, designing VBA forms, and debugging programs. </p> 2:51:26 PM0794aspx Product List/AllItems.aspxFalse5fc99f80-0b2d-e211-85fe-00155d00bf00

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