Microsoft Visio 2013 Level 1MS_VISIO2013L1Microsoft Visio 2013 Level 1<p>​In Microsoft Visio 2013 Level 1 students will learn the skills necessary to be able to create a wide variety of charts and diagrams. In this course students will learn how to use stencils, scale and resize objects, draw basic shapes and compound lines, and arrange objects. They will also learn how to create diagrams, work with text, apply formatting, work with background pages, and set file and print properties. Finally, students will create network and brainstorming diagrams, set shape properties, and create reports.</p> 7:30:33 PM0809aspx Product List/AllItems.aspxFalsea33b8bbf-11a9-e211-b746-00155d00bf00
Microsoft Visio 2013 Level 2MS_VISIO2013L2Microsoft Visio 2013 Level 2<p>​Microsoft Visio 2013 Level 2 builds on the concepts and skills taught in Visio Level 1. In this course students will learn how to work with layers, create custom themes, stencils and templates, and create business and project management diagrams. They will also learn how to integrate Visio with other Office programs, create software and database diagrams, and present diagrams both in Visio and in a web browser.</p> 7:30:43 PM0810aspx Product List/AllItems.aspxFalsec080cd11-12a9-e211-b746-00155d00bf00

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