Microsoft Excel 2010 - Level 1MS_EXCEL2010L1Microsoft Excel 2010 - Level 1<p>You will create and edit basic Microsoft Office Excel 2010 worksheets and workbooks.</p> 4:04:29 PM0591aspx Product List/AllItems.aspxFalsef29910b1-0265-df11-83e9-00155d00bf00
Microsoft Excel 2010 - Level 2MS_EXCEL2010L2Microsoft Excel 2010 - Level 2<p>You will use advanced formulas and work with various tools to analyze data in spreadsheets. You will also organize table data, present data as charts, and enhance the look and appeal of workbooks by adding graphical objects.</p> 4:04:35 PM0592aspx Product List/AllItems.aspxFalsec8f57bc1-0265-df11-83e9-00155d00bf00
Microsoft Excel 2010 - Level 3MS_EXCEL2010L3Microsoft Excel 2010 - Level 3<p>You will automate some common Excel tasks, apply advanced analysis techniques to more complex data sets, troubleshoot errors, collaborate on worksheets, and share Excel data with other applications.</p> 4:04:42 PM0593aspx Product List/AllItems.aspxFalsee08c58ce-0265-df11-83e9-00155d00bf00
Data Analysis using PowerPivotMS EXC 2010 PPData Analysis using PowerPivot<p>​​You will make use of the PowerPivot add-in to import data from various sources and create a dynamic report.</p> EXC 2010 PP12/4/2017 8:01:04 PM02664aspx39 Product List/AllItems.aspxFalse6bf01489-62bc-e411-abf8-00155d0a1406
Microsoft Power ViewMS_PowerViewMicrosoft Power View<p>​Explore data in insightful new ways and transform the way your enterprise uses BI with help from this expert guide. <em>Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power View</em> shows how to effectively analyze and communicate complex information through elegant interactive reports. Discover how to create and populate tables, connect to databases, build multi-view reports in real-time, and publish your results to end-users. BI Semantic Model development and administration are also covered in this comprehensive volume. </p> 7:20:34 PM03025aspx Product List/AllItems.aspxFalse24c82c7f-b9cb-e311-97ab-00155d00bf00
Microsoft Excel Macro Programming/VBAMS_ExcelVBAMicrosoft Excel Macro Programming/VBA<p>​The Visual Basic for Applications programming language is a powerful addition to all Office, and particularly useful in Microsoft Excel.</p> 4:55:00 PM0777aspx Product List/AllItems.aspxFalsee94d38cf-1ce3-e111-a9a7-00155d00bf00
50433 PowerPivot for End Users5043350433 PowerPivot for End Users<p>​In this course students will learn how to use PowerPivot to access data sources, create relationships, use the PowerPivot DAX expressions and generate and format reports. Students will also explore how PowerPivot workbooks can be integrated with SharePoint 2010. </p> 6:41:45 PM02716aspx Product List/AllItems.aspxFalse182e0567-eb81-e311-83c4-00155d00bf00
55040 Data Mining/ Predictive Analytics with Analysis Services and PowerPivot5504055040 Data Mining/ Predictive Analytics with Analysis Services and PowerPivot<p>This course may be funded with Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs).</p><p>​​This three-day instructor-led course will introduce the students to the concepts of data mining, machine learning and predictive analytics utilizing the Microsoft toolsets including SQL Server Analysis Services and Excel with PowerPivot and the Data Mining Add-ins.</p> 6:42:03 PM02025aspx Product List/AllItems.aspxFalse69928c94-b2c6-e511-a1ec-00155d0a1406
55108 Discovering the Power of Excel 2010-2013 PowerPivot Data Analytic Expressions (DAX)5510855108 Discovering the Power of Excel 2010-2013 PowerPivot Data Analytic Expressions (DAX)<p>This course may be funded with Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs).</p><p>​This course is intended to expose you to PowerPivot Data Analytic Expressions (DAX) concepts such as the Data Model and evaluation context, DAX functions, operators, and constants. This release adds a module on the Data Model, an introduction to patterns, and has lab versions for both Excel 2010 and 2013.</p> 6:42:04 PM03970aspx Product List/AllItems.aspxFalse79963d6a-1519-e611-a1ec-00155d0a1406

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