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Intended Audience

​This course is intended to help all users get started with Teams, use messages and channels, communicate in different ways, and customize Teams settings

At Completion

​By the end of class, students should be comfortable using the Teams app in their day-to-day workflow.


​Students should understand the basics of using a Windows-based computer and be comfortable using the keyboard, mouse, start menu, and an internet browser.

Exams & Certifications


​Student guide

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Getting Started

    • TOPIC A: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams
      • What is Microsoft Teams?
      • Launching Microsoft Teams
      • The Microsoft Teams Interface
      • Creating a New Team
      • Adding Members to Your Team
      • Changing Teams
      • Leaving a Team
      • Using Microsoft Teams Desktop and Mobile Apps
      • Activity 1-1: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams
    • TOPIC B: Using Channels
      • About Channels
      • Viewing Channels
      • Creating a Channel
      • Marking a Channel as a Favorite
      • Following and Unfollowing a Channel
      • Activity 1-2: Using Channels
    • TOPIC C: Posting Messages
      • Posting a Message
      • Expanding the Compose Box
      • Editing a Message
      • Replying to a Message
      • Adding Files to a Message
      • Deleting a Message
      • Activity 1-3: Posting Messages
    • TOPIC D: Microsoft Teams Associated Services
      • How files are stored (SharePoint Integration)
      • Associations with other services (e.g. Planner)
    • TOPIC E: Getting Help with Microsoft Teams
      • Using the Help Center
      • Using T-Bot
      • Viewing New Features
      • Viewing Keyboard Shortcuts
      • Using Slash Commands
      • Activity 1-4: Getting Help with Microsoft Teams
  • Lesson 2: Communicating in Channels

    • TOPIC A: Managing Messages
      • Identifying New Messages
      • Marking Messages as Read and Unread
      • Liking a Message
      • Saving a Message
      • Activity 2-1: Managing Messages
    • TOPIC B: Doing More with Messages
      • Using Mentions
      • Using Announcements
      • Viewing Your Activity
      • Searching in Teams
      • Activity 2-2: Doing More with Messages
    • TOPIC C: Managing Files in a Channel
      • Viewing Posted Files
      • Creating a New File
      • Uploading a File
      • Managing Files
      • Moving Files
      • Adding Cloud Storage
      • Activity 2-3: Managing Files in a Channel
    • TOPIC D: Using the Wiki
      • Viewing the Wiki
      • Creating Wiki Content
      • Creating Sections and Pages
      • Navigating Through the Wiki
      • Accessing Section Options
      • Accessing Page Options
      • Activity 2-4: Using the Wiki
  • Lesson 3: Using Other Communication Tools

    • TOPIC A: Using Chat (Part 1)
      • Starting a Chat
      • Replying to a Chat Message
      • Continuing a Chat
      • Adding Other Users to the Chat
      • Using Chat Message Features
      • Activity 3-1: Using Chat (Part 1)
    • TOPIC B: Using Chat (Part 2)
      • Scheduling a Meeting from a Chat Message
      • Starting Audio or Video Calls
      • Overview of Chat Tabs
      • Managing Chats
      • Activity 3-2: Using Chat (Part 2)
    • TOPIC C: Managing Meetings
      • Using the Meetings Tab
      • Using Agenda View
      • Scheduling a Meeting
      • Editing a Meeting
      • Joining a Meeting
      • Cancelling a Meeting
      • Activity 3-3: Managing Meetings
    • TOPIC D: Managing Files in Teams
      • Using the Files Tab in Teams
      • Viewing Files
      • Managing Files
      • Adding and Managing Cloud Storage
      • Activity 3-4: Managing Files in Teams
  • Lesson 4: Customizing Channels

    • TOPIC A: Customizing Channels
      • Renaming a Channel
      • Accessing the Channel Email Address and Link
      • Accessing the Team's SharePoint Page
      • Deleting a Channel
      • Activity 4-1: Customizing Channels
    • TOPIC B: Adding Tabs to a Channel
      • Adding a Tab
      • Using Tab Conversations
      • Renaming a Tab
      • Removing a Tab
      • Activity 4-2: Adding Tabs to a Channel
    • TOPIC C: Adding Connectors to a Channel
      • Adding a Connector
      • Changing Connector Settings
      • Changing Connector Accounts
      • Removing a Connector
      • Activity 4-3: Adding Connectors to a Channel
  • Lesson 5: Customizing Your Teams Experience

    • TOPIC A: Managing Your Teams Profile
      • Updating Your Profile Picture
      • Changing Your Status
      • Changing Your Teams Settings
      • Logging Out of Teams
      • Activity 5-1: Managing Your Teams Profile
    • TOPIC B: Managing Teams
      • Editing the Team
      • Accessing Advanced Team Settings
      • Managing Team Members
      • Managing Channels
      • Managing Settings
      • Managing Apps
      • Deleting the Team
      • Activity 5-2: Managing Teams
    • TOPIC C: Adding Apps and Bots
      • Opening the Store
      • Installing an App
      • Using Apps
      • Managing Apps
      • Removing Apps
      • Using Bots
      • Activity 5-3: Adding Apps and Bots



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