Scaled Professional Scrum (14 PDUs)

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This course will teach the new product owner how to envision a product and drive out good requirements that can be prioritized to reduce project risk and maximize return on investment. The course will start from the beginning of a business need and derive the project and backlog of work starting from scratch. Requirements prioritization and estimation will be thoroughly examined through a series of exercises and advanced topics, such as tracking, metrics, and how to negotiate the needs of multiple stakeholders will be covered in the course. Common pitfalls and techniques to avoid those pitfalls will be thoroughly explored with multiple hands on exercises. The objective of this class is to train business experts to be effective product owners that can maximize ROI for an agile Scrum project.

Intended Audience

​Applied learning intended for product owners and business SMEs working with agile teams that use scrum

At Completion

  • The new roles, artifacts and events you need to scale successfully
  • How to organize several teams working on the same product so efforts and productivity are optimized
  • Practices that will help your teams build an integrated software product efficiently
  • Techniques to detect irregularities and how to address them appropriately 
  • Challenges you may encounter in large-scale development initiatives and how to get back on track


​Attendees make the most of the class if they:

  • Have a solid understanding of Scrum either through working with a Scrum Team or through taking a professional scrum master or similar course.
  • Have an understanding of development techniques, tools, and practices needed to sustain large scale development.
  • Attempted the scrum practitioner open assessment located at

Exams & Certifications

​Not applicable


​ standardized courseware

Course Outline

​Scaled Professional ScrumTM helps teams scale with minimum waste and as much productivity as possible.  SPS drives to the heart of the scaling issue – complexity caused by the dependencies between the increased parts. Scaled Professional Scrum is a product for those who want to scale with minimum waste and as much productivity as possible. It will fill a gap for those who are having trouble setting up and running their projects, programs, and releases. 

It consists of the Nexus™ framework and approximately 40 practices which cause the Nexus to operate predictably. The Nexus is the exoskeleton of scaled Scrum that integrates and brings coherence to the work of up to 9 Scrum teams. It creates a communication pathway that identifies and resolves dependencies. It builds on the existing Scrum framework and values. The result is an effective development group of up to 100 people using best industry practices to create solid increments. For larger initiatives, creating product families or interoperating functional units, we create Nexus +, a unification of more than one Nexus.

Section 1: Nexus, an introduction

  • What is the Nexus
  • Nexus roles, events, and artifacts
  • Nexus integration team
  • Nexus sprint retrospectives
  • Related practices

Section 2: Nexus in Action 

  • The Effect of dependencies
  • Feature teams
  • Nexus sprint planning
  • Product backlog refinement in the Nexus
  • Story mapping
  • Related practices

Section 3: Mapping the Nexus 

  • Reporting progress
  • Improving performance
  • Adding more teams
  • Nexus health checks
  • Related practices

Section 4: Agile Planing at Scale

  • Determining the next product generation a product 
  • Determining a business model
  • Driving a product backlog from a vision
  • Value driven backlog creation
  • Creating good stories
  • Estimating using story point

Section 5: Nexus+, scaling the Nexus 

  • Large scale development
  • Nexus+
  • Scaling options
  • Related practices

Section 6: Closing and Questions 

  • Specific questions on agile in context of your organization



Scaled Professional Scrum (14 PDUs) Professional Scrum (14 PDUs)

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