QuickBooks Pro Level 2

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This six-hour class expands on Level 1 with a cross-section of features based on the needs of our typical target audience.

Intended Audience

This course is best suited for students who want to use QuickBooks to track the financial activities of a small organization. Our typical students include:

  • Those starting a small business or non-profit
  • Those who need to move a small organization onto QuickBooks
  • Those transitioning to a bookkeeping role
  • Those who need to make better use of QuickBooks reporting

At Completion


After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Save time by memorizing recurring transactions
  • Customize Invoices
  • Manage Company Credit Cards via QuickBooks
  • Create, Modify, Memorize QuickBooks Reports and Export data via reports to Excel
  • Track and pay sales tax in multiple jurisdictions
  • Understand QuickBooks Payroll Items (a primer to using QuickBooks Payroll)



QuickBooks 2012 Level 1 or equivalent knowledge.

Exams & Certifications

No Exam


QuickBooks Pro training guide and any handouts

Course Outline

Warm-Up Exercise

As a review of Level 1 Skills students will:

  • Create a QuickBooks company
  • Setup the Chart of Accounts
  • Create Items for sale
  • Enter a range of transactions for an entire accounting period
  • View the impact of transactions on the company Financial Reports

Memorizing Transactions

  • Creating a Memorized Transaction
  • Applying or Scheduling a Memorized Transaction
  • Edit the Memorization or the Transaction
  • Grouping Memorized Transactions

Customizing Invoices

  • Selecting between existing Invoice Templates
  • Duplicating an Invoice Template for personalization
  • Modifying the basic content of an Invoice Template
  • Modifying the Layout of an Invoice Template

Using QuickBooks' Other Accounts

  • Tracking Credit Card Transactions and Reconciling Credit Card Statements
  • When and how to use General Journal Entries


  • Creating, Modifying and Memorizing the basic preset Reports
  • Spotting and using QuickReports
  • Organizing Memorized Reports
  • Modifying QuickBooks
  • Memorizing QuickReports
  • Running Preset Exporting report data to Microsoft Excel

Tracking and Paying Sales Tax

  • Setting Up Tax Items, Rates and Agencies
  • Defining Taxable & Non-Taxable Items
  • Identifying Non-Taxable Customers
  • Taxing Sales
  • Determining What You Owe
  • Paying Your Tax Agencies

Understanding QuickBooks Items

This is just a primer to prepare typical users to work with their accountants and the QuickBooks support team. The objective is a general understanding of:

  • QuickBooks Payroll Options
  • Setting up Employees and QuickBooks Payroll Items
  • The QuickBooks three-step payroll process
  • Using payroll items during the payroll process

Note: Our data samples do not allow much more than this. More training on Payroll is available via Intuit.



QuickBooks Pro Level 2http://springhouse.com/course-catalog/QBL2QuickBooks Pro Level 2

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