Microsoft Access 2013 - Level 2

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You will learn to normalize data, join tables while observing referential integrity, query multiple tables, format forms and reports, insert background images and charts; and create specialized objects such as lookup fields, subforms and subreports, navigation forms, and calculated fields.

Intended Audience

This course is designed for persons who are able to create and modify basic tables, forms, and reports in Microsoft Access 2013, but need to know how to create or modify documents using advanced tools and efficiency procedures. It also aims to assist persons preparing for the Microsoft Office Specialist exams for Microsoft Access 2013®.

At Completion

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Normalize a database using basic database concepts
  • Create lookup fields and produce simple subdatasheets
  • Join tables in queries and calculate values via a calculated field
  • Use advanced controls in forms to support user interactivity
  • Design, create, and print an Access 2013 report
  • Include charts in forms and reports


Students should be able to use Microsoft Access 2013 to create and manage tables and basic queries, define product options, compare/contrast types of table relationships, navigate the Access 2013 environment.

Students can obtain this level of skill by taking the following Axzo Press course:

  • Microsoft Office Access 2013 : Basic.

Exams & Certifications

This course is one of a series of Axzo Press courseware titles that addresses Microsoft Office Specialist skill sets. The Microsoft Office Specialist program is for individuals who use Microsoft’s business desktop software and seek recognition for their expertise with specific Microsoft products. Certification candidates must pass one or more proficiency exams in order to earn the Microsoft Office Specialist certification.



Course Outline

Unit 1: Relational databases

Topic A: Database normalization

Topic B: Table relationships

Topic C: Referential integrity

Unit 2: Related tables

Topic A: Creating lookup fields

Topic B: Modifying lookup fields

Topic C: Subdatasheets

Unit 3: Complex queries

Topic A: Joining tables in queries

Topic B: Using calculated fields

Topic C: Summarizing and grouping values

Unit 4: Advanced form design

Topic A: Adding unbound controls

Topic B: Graphics

Topic C: Adding calculated values

Topic D: Adding combo boxes

Topic E: Advanced form types

Unit 5: Reports and printing

Topic A: Report formatting

Topic B: Calculated values and subreports

Topic C: Printing

Topic D: Label printing

Unit 6: Charts

Topic A: Charts in forms

Topic B: Charts in reports



Microsoft Access 2013 - Level 2 Access 2013 - Level 2

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