Microsoft Publisher 2016

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Microsoft Publisher is a powerful desktop publishing software that provides all the tools you need to create, customize and share a wide variety of professional looking publications and marketing material.  Come join our intensive 1-day class in Publisher and learn to publish like a pro!

Intended Audience

This course is designed for users who are already proficient in the basics of Windows and basic word processing and need to use Microsoft Publisher to create professional looking publications such as newsletters, brochures or other marketing material.

At Completion

Upon successful completion, students will be able to:

  • Identify the components and customize the Publisher interface
  • Create and add content to a basic publication
  • Import text into a publication
  • Organize text boxes and picture placeholders in a layout
  • Insert common layout elements
  • Format text and paragraphs in a publication
  • Apply custom styles, fonts and color schemes to a publication
  • Customize the appearance of a picture
  • Add graphical objects to a publication
  • Save a publication in the XPS and PDF formats for distribution
  • Preview and print a publication
  • Send a publication by email


To be successful in this course, students should have a basic understanding of the Windows operating system, including how to launch an application and create and save files. Previous experience with word processing such as the use of Microsoft Word is also required. Students should be familiar with the concepts of cut, copy and paste.

Exams & Certifications


Course Outline

The content of this course follows the step-by-step Springhouse guide, Publisher 2016 and is combined with a PowerPoint presentation, lecture and hands-on exercises.  Each student works at their own fully equipped workstation.

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Publisher

  • Identify the components of the Publisher interface
  • Use the Page Navigation pane
  • Use the Customize Status Bar menu
  • Use Publisher templates
  • Create a new publication
  • Work with text boxes and picture placeholders
  • Work with margin and ruler guides


Lesson 2: Modifying the Layout and Structure of a Publication

  • Import text into a publication
  • Organize text boxes and picture placeholders in a layout
  • Control the display of content in text boxes
  • Link text boxes
  • Work with master pages
  • Insert headers and footers
  • Work with building blocks
  • Add building block objects to a publication


Lesson 3: Formatting Text in a Publication

  • Enhance the appearance of text in a publication
  • Apply paragraph styles
  • Apply color and font schemes


Lesson 4: Editing Content in a Publication

  • Edit and modify text in a publication
  • Create and insert tables
  • Use the Find and Replace task pane
  • Use the proofing tools
  • Insert symbols and special characters


Lesson 5: Formatting Graphics in a Publication

  • Use the Picture Tools tool tab to manipulate pictures in a publication
  • Apply picture styles
  • Add graphical objects to a publication
  • Use WordArt and clip art, insert and format shapes


Lesson 6: Preparing a Publication for Distribution

  • Check the design of a publication using the Design Checker task pane
  • Save a publication in the XPS and PDF formats for distribution
  • Preview and print a publication
  • Send a publication by email



Microsoft Publisher 2016 PUBLISH2016Microsoft Publisher 2016

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