JavaScript and Jquery Introduction

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In this 2 day class, students will learn to use or create JavaScript variables, arithmetic and logical operators, built-in and custom functions, and conditional statements and loops, as well as how to use JavaScript to control appearance and functionality of web images.

Intended Audience

At Completion


This course is designed for a savvy computer user who is comfortable using the Internet and is familiar with HTML.

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Course Outline

Lesson 1: Getting Acquainted with JavaScript

What JavaScript can and cannot do; Where JavaScript comes from; Handling events; Values and variables; Assignments and comparisons


Lesson 2: Start Me Up

Where to put scripts; Commenting scripts; Alerting the user; Confirming a user’s choice; Prompting the user; Redirecting the user; Browser detection


Lesson 3: Language Essentials

Detecting browser plug-ins; Writing with loops; Functions; Using multi-level conditionals; Handling errors; Status bar messages


Lesson 4: Image Basics

Creating rollovers; Working with multiple rollovers; Using functions to code multiple rollovers; Triggering rollovers from a link


Lesson 5: More Fun with Images

Creating cycling banners; Adding links to cycling banners; Building slideshows; Displaying a random image


Lesson 6: Working with Browser Windows

Opening and controlling a new window; Loading different content into a window; Updating one window from another; Closing a window


Lesson 7: Form Handling

Verifying password; Select and Go Navigation; Changing menus dynamically; Working with radio buttons; Setting one field with another; Validating zip codes and email addresses



JavaScript and Jquery Introduction and Jquery Introduction

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