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​Every business and organization has a web presence. It may be a single website or multiple websites, mobile applications, or any combination. However your organization presents itself on the web, managing its web presence is vital to its success. Knowing how people and customers interact with your websites and mobile applications can provide potent insights into how well the messages, pages, and other content on your website is received. By monitoring, tracking, and analyzing visitors to your website and their activities on your website, you can draw conclusions about the effectiveness of your site content, promotions, and advertising campaigns and technical details such as site architecture and navigation. Google Analytics™ is a robust analytics suite that is integrated with Google's data and other application service offerings such as AdWords™ and AdSense™.

Google Analytics is free to use and easy to set up. It allows your organization to track user actions on your web properties and use Google Analytics' rich reporting and analysis tools to analyze data, measure discrete interactions on your site, and qualify the success of your web initiatives. With Google Analytics, you can define success metrics for your website and measure that performance through data analysis. Google Analytics also lets you monitor your site in real-time, and provide alerts when events occur that are out of the norm.

Although it is easy to start using Google Analytics, its robust and complex suite of tools will take time to master. In this course, you will create a Google Analytics account, create multiple web properties to monitor, and tag website pages with Google Analytics tracking code. You will then create multiple views for collecting and analyzing data, and create filters, goals, and funnels for your views. You will then use Google Analytics real-time reports and dashboards to perform quick analysis of your monitored websites. Finally, you will perform more in-depth analysis of website data by using Google Analytics reports.

Intended Audience

​This course is designed for web administrators, marketing professionals, sales professionals, and executives with basic computer and Internet skills who wish to perform baseline analysis of website traffic or online advertising campaigns for a variety of reasons, including website performance improvement, increasing customer reach, and increasing sales.

At Completion

​In this course, you will implement Google Analytics and perform analysis by using standard reports.

You will:

  • Implement Google Analytics.
  • Manage Google Analytics accounts.
  • Perform analysis with real time reports.
  • Perform analysis with standard reports.
  • Perform in-depth analysis with specific reports.


​For best success in this course, you should have the basic ability to access and use a web browser, as well as general-purpose office productivity software (such as Microsoft® Office or Google Docs). You should also have some familiarity with viewing HTML code, and a working understanding of how websites function, including basic terms such as traffic, hits, and visits.

Exams & Certifications


Course Outline

​Lesson 1: Implementing Google Analytics

Topic A: Overview of Google Analytics

Topic B: Create a Google Analytics Account

Topic C: Tag Your Pages

Lesson 2: Managing Google Analytics Accounts

Topic A: Configure Google Analytics Settings

Topic B: Manage Multiple Accounts, Views, and Web Properties

Lesson 3: Configuring Goals, Funnels, and Filters

Topic A: Configure Goals

Topic B: Configure Funnels

Topic C: Configure Filters

Lesson 4: Reviewing and Configuring Dashboards and Alerts

Topic A: Review Real-Time Reports

Topic B: Review Your Default Dashboard

Topic C: Organize and Configure Dashboards

Topic D: Configure Intelligence Alerts

Lesson 5: Analyzing Data with Audience and Traffic Reports

Topic A: Analyze Data with Audience Reports

Topic B: Analyze Data with Traffic Sources Reports

Lesson 6: Analyzing Data with Content and Conversion Reports

Topic A: Analyze Data with Content Reports

Topic B: Analyze Data with Conversion Reports



Google Analytics Analytics

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