Certified Security Principles Plus

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The IT world never stands still! Therefore, neither can IT security. It does not matter if we are talking about the implementation of IoT devices or cloud services, security is at the forefront of all of them. According to a recent study, the top source of security incidents within a company are the current employees! We do not want you to be one of them!

This course is going to prepare you for security across the entire environment including understanding risk management, identity and access control, network and data security. This is just a short list of everything that we cover within this course, which will include new technologies like IoT and cloud services. This course is intended to prepare you to be a benefit to any company that is attempting to improve its security posture! With this certification, you will be marketable to any company, anywhere in the globe!

Intended Audience

​IT Professionals, Server Administrators, Network Administrators, Virtualization and Cloud Administrators, anyone that needs a general understanding of security, those seeking the Security+ Certification, 8570 Directive

At Completion

Upon completion, the Certified Security Principles+ candidate will not only be able to competently take the C)SP+ exam but will also understand the principle security knowledge to keep companies' IP and IT infrastructure safe.

  • Fully understand Security from a real-world viewpoint
  • Implement security controls on systems within an environment, network, data, servers, host, mobile, cloud
  • Understand risk management and how each individual or department can be part of reducing risk
  • Understand cryptography at the basic level to ensure a company is implementing this correctly
  • Understand how to impose controls for mobile and IoT devices
  • Prepare for the CSP+ or Security+ certification
  • Become part of the solution for improving the security posture of your company


​Recommended minimum one-year of experience with server administration or network administration.  General understanding of business processes is beneficial.

Exams & Certifications

The Certified Security Principles+ exam is taken online through Mile2's Assessment and Certification System ("MACS"), which is accessible on your mile2.com account. The exam will take 2 hours and consist of 100 multiple choice questions. The cost is $400 USD and must be purchased from Mile2.com.

  • Certified Security Principles+ Exam
  • Covers Security+ Exam Objectives


​Student Workbook

Course Outline

Module 0 – Class Introduction


Module 1 – Introduction to IT Security


Module 2 – Risk Management


Module 3 – Understanding of Cryptography


Module 4 – Understanding Identity and Access Management


Module 5 – Managing Data Security


Module 6 –  Managing Network Security


Module 7 – Managing Server/Host Security


Module 8 – Application Security for Non-Developers


Module 9 – Understanding Mobile Device Security (IoT)


Module 10 – Managing Day to Day Security


Module 11 – Understating Compliance and Auditing



Certified Security Principles Plushttp://springhouse.com/course-catalog/CSP+Certified Security Principles Plus

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