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​If you are a graphic designer, business owner, or anyone who wants to design and create professional, original websites without ever touching code, Muse is the program you have been waiting for.  With Muse, you can quickly and easily design and create user-friendly, interactive websites, without the help of a developer. 

You just design your site in Muse using design-savvy graphic tools that leverage the same skills as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.  Then, after creating your site in Muse, you can take your site live using Adobe hosting or export to a provider of your choice, publishing your site as original HTML pages that conform to the latest web standards.

Muse is really that easy and that powerful and our two-day, hands-on class will help you make the most of it.

Intended Audience

​This course is intended for graphic designers, business owners or anyone who wants to design, develop and create a professional looking website without the use of code.

At Completion

Upon successful completion of this class, students will be able to:

  • Get acquainted with the Muse workspace
  • Set up and edit a Muse site
  • Understand the difference between web design and print design
  • Create and edit master pages
  • Insert, format, and style text
  • Work with shapes and color
  • Add and edit images in a Muse site
  • Work with links and buttons
  • Apply effects and graphic styles
  • Insert HTML
  • Work with widgets
  • Understand options for publishing your site


​Proficiency with Windows required including how to open, save and close files. Students should also be familiar with basic Internet concepts and terminology.

Exams & Certifications



​The content of this course follows the step-by-step guide, Adobe Muse Classroom in a Book and is combined with a PowerPoint presentation, lecture and hands-on exercises.  Each student works at their own fully equipped workstation.

Course Outline

Lesson 1:  Overview of the Workspace

  • Creating a Site Concept
  • Creating your Muse Site File
  • Planning your Site
  • Designing and Previewing your Pages
  • Publishing your Site
  • Touring the Workspace
  • Using the Welcome Screen
  • Understanding Modes
  • Working in Design Mode
  • Using the Toolbox and Control Panel
  • Zooming, Panning and Scrolling Through a Document
  • Working in Preview Mode

Lesson 2:  Creating Your Site

  • Creating a New Site
  • Editing the Site Properties
  • Creating and Editing your Site Map
  • Adding and Deleting Pages in Your Site
  • Arranging Pages in the Site Map
  • Setting Page Properties
  • Adding Page Metadata

 Lesson 3:  Working With Master Pages

  • Examining Web Design vs. Print Design Including Resolution, Fixed Yet Fluid Design, File Size
  • Understanding Web Navigation
  • Designing with Interactivity in Mind
  • Building a Master Page
  • Editing the Page Area and Browser Fill
  • Editing Master Page Properties
  • Adding a Logo to the Header
  • Adding Content to the Footer
  • Adding a Navigation Menu
  • Creating and Testing New Master Pages

Lesson 4:  Adding and Styling Text

  • Inserting and Formatting Text Including Selecting and Adjusting Font Size, Changing Alignment and Modifying Paragraph Indents and Margins
  • Changing Type Styles
  • Creating, Applying and Deleting Paragraph Styles
  • Creating, Applying and Editing Character Styles
  • Pasting Text Between Muse Sites
  • Rotating a Text Frame

Lesson 5:  Working With Shapes and Color

  • Working with shapes
  • Drawing With the Rectangle Tool
  • Creating 100% Width Content
  • Applying a Background Image to a Frame
  • Creating Various Types of Lines
  • Working With Color
  • Creating and Applying Color Fill
  • Sampling Color
  • Saving, Editing and Deleting a Swatch
  • Working with Gradients

Lesson 6:  Adding Images to Your Site

  • Understanding Web-Image Basics Including Resolution, Color, and Image Formats
  • Importing Images
  • Moving, Cropping and Resizing Images
  • Understanding the Assets Panel
  • Pinning Content
  • Adding Alternative Text and Title to Images

Lesson 7:  Working With Links and Buttons

  • Creating an Internal and External Link
  • Creating an E-mail Link
  • Styling Your Text Links
  • Adding Links to Images
  • Working with Anchors
  • Creating a Button in Muse
  • Using the States Panel to Add Button States
  • Adding a Link to a Button
  • Setting up and Placing a Button in Photoshop
  • Adding a Link to Your Photoshop Button

Lesson 8:  Applying Effects, Graphic Styles, and Inserting HTML

  • Working with Rounded Corners, Effects and Opacity
  • Creating and Applying Graphic Styles
  • Clearing Overrides and Editing a Graphic Style
  • Embedding HTML, Adding a Google Map
  • Editing Embedded HTML

Lesson 9:  Working With Widgets

  • About Widgets
  • Inserting and Editing a Composition Widget
  • Adding and Deleting a Trigger
  • Adding Content to a Target Area
  • Working with Slideshows

Lesson 10:  Publishing and Exporting Your Site

  • Understanding Muse Publishing
  • Publishing Your Site
  • Making and Uploading Edits
  • Exporting Your Site as HTML



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