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​Adobe Photoshop Lightroom delivers a complete workflow solution for the digital photographer. Using the state-of-the-art technology users have come to expect from Adobe, this powerful and versatile software allows digital artists to import, review, organize and enhance images, produce client presentations, create photo books and web galleries, and produce high-quality prints with ease. With its highly intuitive interface, users will be able to manage large volumes of digital photographs and to perform sophisticated image processing tasks. Whether you are a home user, professional photographer, hobbyist or business user, Lightroom enables you to stay in control of your growing photo and image library to easily produce professional looking pictures and polished presentations for both print and web.

Intended Audience

​Anyone including home users, professional photographers, hobbyists or business users who need to maintain and organize an extensive library of photos and images and create professional looking presentations for both the web and print environments.

At Completion

​Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Comfortably navigate the Lightroom workspace
  • Import photos and video from a variety of sources into Lightroom
  • View, manage, backup and export images in a catalog
  • Effectively work with panels and views
  • Effectively manage photo libraries
  • Understand the basics of developing and modifying images
  • Use advanced image editing techniques
  • Create photo books and slideshows
  • Use the Print module to print their images and image packages


​Students should be comfortable navigating to folders and creating files on their computer. Students should also be familiar with basic Internet concepts and terms.

Exams & Certifications


​The content of this course follows the step-by-step guide, Adobe Lightroom CC Classroom in a Book, and is combined with a PowerPoint presentation, lecture and hands-on exercises. Each student works at their own fully equipped workstation.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: A Quick Tour of Photoshop Lightroom

  • Creating a Lightroom catalog
  • Managing the photos in your catalog
  • Managing files and folders
  • Non-destructive editing
  • The Lightroom workspace
  • Importing photos
  • Lightroom modules and workflow
  • Working in slideshow mode
  • Creating a collection
  • Arranging and deleting photos
  • Comparing photos side by side
  • Using Quick Develop
  • Modifying images


Lesson 2: Bringing Your Photos Into Lightroom

  • The import process
  • Organizing photos in folders
  • Reviewing file formats
  • Creating import presets
  • Back-up strategies
  • Applying metadata
  • Import and view video
  • Import photos from other catalogs
  • Working with the main display area
  • Setting Grid and Loupe options


Lesson 3: Exploring the Lightroom Workspace

  • Importing into the library
  • Viewing and managing your images
  • Toggling screen modes
  • Comparing photos
  • Working with panels
  • Switching views
  • Flagging and deleting images
  • Using Quick Collections
  • Filtering images
  • Working with Filmstrip


Lesson 4: Managing Your Photo Library

  • Organizing and synchronizing folders
  • Using collections to organize images
  • Stacking images
  • Applying keyword tags
  • Using flags and ratings;
  • Working with color labels
  • Adding and storing metadata
  • Tagging faces in People view;
  • Working with the Map module;
  • Finding and filtering files
  • Reconnecting missing files and folders


Lesson 5: Developing Basics

  • Quick developing in the Library module
  • Understanding previews
  • Understanding process versions
  • What is white balance
  • Working in the Develop module
  • Cropping and rotating images
  • Removing unwanted objects
  • Retouching spots


Lesson 6: Advanced Editing Techniques

  • Correcting color balance and tonal range
  • Undoing, redoing and remembering changes
  • Adjusting contrast using the tone curve
  • Making local corrections
  • Using the Graduated Filter tool
  • Using the adjustment Brush tool
  • Adjusting colors selectively
  • Converting an image to black and white
  • Synchronizing settings
  • Adding effects
  • Working with virtual copies
  • Combining photos into a panorama


Lesson 7: Creating a Photo Book

  • Assembling photos for a book
  • Working in the Book module
  • Changing page layouts
  • Placing photos in a book layout
  • Changing images in a book
  • Working with Phot cells
  • Setting page backgrounds
  • Saving and exporting photo books


Lesson 8: Creating Slideshows

  • Assembling photos for a slideshow
  • Working in the Slideshow module
  • Choosing and customizing a slideshow template
  • Adding text overlays
  • Adding sound and motion to your slideshow
  • Saving and exporting a slideshow


Lesson 9: Printing Images

  • Exploring the Lighroom print module
  • Selecting and customizing a print template
  • Rearranging photos in a print layout
  • Using the Rote to Fit option
  • Printing captions and metadata information
  • Create a custom print layout
  • Soft Proofing photos before printing
  • Using color management
  • Saving print settings as an output collection


Lesson 10: Making Backups and Exporting Photos

  • Preventing data loss
  • Backing up the catalog file
  • Exporting metadata
  • Backing up the library
  • Implementing incremental backups
  • Exporting JPEG files for onscreen viewing
  • Exporting as PSD or TIFF for further editing
  • Exporting as Original or DNG for archiving
  • Using export presets
  • Creating user presets



Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Photoshop Lightroom

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