Adobe Illustrator CC Level 2

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​You have probably used Adobe® Illustrator® Level 1 to create simple illustrations and logos. If you are ready to go beyond the basics and create more complex and exciting illustrations for either print or the web, Adobe Illustra­tor Level 2 is for you.

Intended Audience

​This course is intended for designers, publishers, pre-press professionals and marketing communications professionals. It is also for people switching to a design job or taking on new design responsibilities who have already completed the Level 1 offering or have equivalent experience.

At Completion

​Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Working with Layers
  • Blending colors and shapes
  • Work with gradients
  • Working with brushes
  • Using Live Effects
  • Creating custom brushes
  • Using Appearance Attributes and Graphic Styles
  • Working with Symbols
  • Preparing artwork for the web


​Before taking this course, you should complete the Adobe® Illustrator® Level 1 course, or have equivalent knowledge.

Exams & Certifications


Course Outline

Lesson 1:  Organizing Artwork with Layers

  • Using the layers panel
  • Creating, locking and rearranging layers
  • Merge layers
  • Pasting layers
  • Applying appearance attributes
  • Creating clipping masks

Lesson 2: Blending Colors and Shapes

  • Working with Gradients
  • Creating and Applying a Linear Gradient to a Fill
  • Adjusting the Direction and Angle of a Gradient Fill
  • Applying a Gradient to a Stroke
  • Editing a Gradient on a Stroke
  • Creating and Applying a Radial Gradient
  • Editing the Radial Gradient Colors
  • Adjusting the Radial Gradient
  • Applying Gradients to Multiple Objects
  • Adding Transparency to Gradients
  • Working with Blended Objects
  • Creating a Blend with Specified Steps
  • Modifying a Blend
  • Creating and Editing Smooth Color Blends

Lesson 3: Working with Brushes

  • Using Calligraphic Brushes
  • Editing a Brush
  • Using a Fill Color with Brushes
  • Removing a Brush Stroke
  • Using Art Brushes; Drawing with the Paintbrush Tool
  • Editing Paths with the Paintbrush Tool
  • Creating an Art Brush
  • Editing an Art Brush
  • Using Bristle Brushes
  • Changing Bristle Brush Options
  • Painting with a Bristle Brush
  • Using Pattern Brushes
  • Creating a Pattern Brush
  • Applying a Pattern Brush
  • Working with the Blob Brush Tool
  • Drawing with the Blob Brush Tool
  • Merging Paths with the Blob Brush Tool

Lesson 4: Using Effects and Graphic Styles

  • Using the appearance panel
  • Adding multiple strokes and fills to a path
  • Using live effects
  • Applying raster effects
  • 3d effects
  • Using graphic styles
  • Scaling strokes and effects

Lesson 5: Working with Symbols

  • Working with Symbols
  • Using Existing Illustrator Symbol Libraries
  • Creating Symbols
  • Editing a Symbol
  • Replacing a Symbol
  • Breaking a Link to a Symbol
  • Editing Symbol Options
  • Working with the Symbolism Tools
  • Spraying Symbol Instances
  • Editing Symbols with the Symbolism Tools
  • Storing and Retrieving Artwork in the Symbols Panel

Lesson 6: Preparing Content for the Web

  • Using the Save for Web command
  • Adobe Web Fonts
  • Using the Pixel Grid
  • Using the Slice Tool
  • Creating CSS code

Additional Lesson:  Working with Perspective Drawing

  • Understanding Perspective
  • Understanding the Perspective Grid
  • Working with the Perspective Grid
  • Using the Preset Grid
  • Editing the Perspective Grid
  • Drawing Objects in Perspective
  • Selecting and Transforming Objects in Perspective
  • Attaching Content to Perspective
  • Editing Planes and Objects Together
  • Adding and Editing Text in Perspective
  • Working with Symbols in Perspective
  • Adding Symbols to the Perspective Grid
  • Transforming Symbols in Perspective
  • Releasing Content from Perspective
  • Working with the Horizontal Plane



Adobe Illustrator CC Level 2 Illustrator CC Level 2

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