CIO at ADDSSglobal

What is your current job title and industry? 

I am the CIO at ADSSglobal. ADSSglobal is in the IT consulting and application hosting industry.  In addition to being Microsoft Certified Partners, we also have partnerships with Citrix, Cisco, Sage and are part of many other reseller/partner networks. 

What was the situation you found yourself in when you decided to come to Springhouse? 

I attended Springhouse in 1999 and 2000.  I was making a career change from the automotive industry to the computer industry and it was not happening as quickly as I would have liked. 

How did you hear about Springhouse? 

Springhouse came highly recommended by friends and other professionals working in the industry. 

What classes did you take from Springhouse? 

I started with the CompTia A+ class. The class was very informative and covered all the material needed to pass the A+ certification tests. I moved on to the Windows 2000 MCSE path after completing the A+. 

Could you explain your experience?

My instructor, who was also writing the Microsoft books on networking, made Springhouse standout from other schools. Other computer schools instructors were still waiting for the books to hit print before they could comprehend what was being taught at Springhouse. 

How well did the classrooms meet the learning needs of the students? 

The classrooms were great.  They all had the latest technology including whiteboards, projectors, working networks, and PCs.  

Did your instructors tie in real world experiences to the courseware when applicable?

All the instructors at Springhouse always covered all the Microsoft curriculum and brought real world experience to every course.

How well did Springhouse prepare you for a job in the field?

Springhouse gave me the knowledge I needed to land many interviews. However it might have been too much too quick. I was interviewing for entry level jobs like help desk and backup operators.  The feedback I was getting from my interviews was all the same. They were all looking for a person to change tapes or follow a script and the skills Springhouse provided were beyond what they were looking for; I would quickly get bored.

How quickly after you finished at springhouse were you able to find a job in your new field? 

Within 3 months of finishing classes at Springhouse I started at Lenfest Media Group (known as Starnet in 2001 and Suburban Cable in 2000). Suburban Cable was sold to Comcast for 8.5 billion and Starnet was providing services to Comcast and other TV and cable networks. I started on the night shift monitoring playback servers, backups, and other essential equipment. I had plenty of downtime. At 6 AM when my shift was over I would head over to the tech shop and ask lots of questions. Before long I was building hardware and imaging servers in between my daily night shift checks. Then I started working with development to building new servers for new deployments.

How helpful was Springhouse in helping you achieve your post-graduation goals?

Springhouse played a huge role in getting me to where I’m at today.  Between 2001 and 2006, I was able to fill in gaps in my resume by putting to use many of the skills I learned at Springhouse. However, I was still trying to get the experience managing Microsoft Active Directory Domains in a business environment.

Eventually Starnet started to sell off parts of the business.  I had the chance to go to Comcast or other companies but turned down the offers.  I started interviewing for the System Administration positions and started at ADSSglobal as a consultant. I started as a PC Break Fix, and quickly put all the Microsoft MCSE training to work. Even though the standard was now Windows Server 2003, all the basic fundamentals I learned at Springhouse were still valid. Many small to mid-size businesses were just upgrading their Windows 2000 Servers to 2003.

What do you find the most rewarding/challenging/enjoyable aspect of your job?

In the Information Technology industry, they all go hand in hand. The fast pace, ever changing field keeps it challenging to stay on top of the latest technology. Solving new challenges, finding better more efficient ways to do tasks, being able to stand back and looking at a completed project - it is all very rewarding. The enjoyable part is not getting bored and being able to steer a company in a direction that benefits the business. When it comes to the Information Technology industry, if you don’t keep your skills up to date you can get replaced faster than the out of date systems. Having resources available like Springhouse is key.



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